AcroArts Productions 2013 Creation ‘Y’ The Show

AcroArts Productions is thrilled to present our 2013 creation entitled Y, co-produced by La Tohu. Y features acrobatics and choreography as the driving force behind the storytelling of the piece. Through movement and the soulful sounds of singer Elsieanne Caplette, the performers are guided on their journey to self-discovery. Their journey illustrates the decisions made at life’s crossroads, the artists find themselves choosing to dream the impossible and journeying the roads less travelled, in order to fulfill their life’s passions—pushing the highest level of physicality through every emotional plane.


Angela Kim : Aerial Tissu/ Inline Figure Skates
Irina Naumenko : Handstands/Contortion
Sean Blue : Juggling
Louis-David Simoneau : Cyr Wheel
Elsieanne Caplette (“Esiane”) : Singer

Creation Team:
Michael Lanphear : Producer, Casting, Co-Founder of “AcroArts Productions”
Marie-Josée Lareau : Artistic Director
Danielle Lecourtois: Assistant Artistic Director
Mathieu Gatien : Creation Conceptor, Casting
Laurent Aglat : Composer
Genevieve Bouchard : Costume Designer
Karine Denoncourt : Make-up and Hair Designer
Jean-Francois Leblanc : Graphic Designer
Nancy Bussiere : Lighting Designer
Judith Portier : Set Designer
Annelaure Siat : Set Designer
Karine Galarneau :Set Designer
Isabelle Raymond : Set Designer
Anaïs Faubert : Photographer
Benoit Daoust : Video

Photo Credit Laurent Aglat, Benoit Daoust and Anaïs Faubert